A quick thought on ID cards

Most of the concern about the government’s proposed ID card scheme stems not from the cards themselves, but from the enormous pool of centralized information which would underlie them. Plenty of suspicious minds believe that this is actually the real purpose of the plan.

But if Gordon Brown wants access to a vast system of interlinked databases, containing the personal details of millions of people, wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier for him just to join Facebook?

  1. Neil said:

    Good idea – but WHAT are we going to do about the ZOMBIE PROBLEM? Eh Larry? Eh? Eh?

  2. Neil, I’m sure that the government will be happy to issue zombies and other undead with their own ID cards. Though the quantity of missing eyes and limbs might rule out the biometric part…

  3. That’s just given me a rather dystopian thought. Imagine a dictatorship — a rather efficient and paternalistic one, think Singapore or China rather than Idi Amin or the Khmer Rouge — forcing all its population to put their details on facebook.

  4. “Most of the concern about the government’s proposed ID card scheme stems” from the fact that it will cost a bomb, it won’t work and within six months you will be able to buy an excellent forgery from Nigeria.

    Can I assume, Larry, that you will now be voting Tory given that they have promised to scrap it …?

    Take that as a ‘no’, shall I?

  5. Anon said:

    Last word.