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When walking around Holborn a few months ago, I stumbled across the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. At first, I assumed it was some kind of comedy quack money-fleecing outfit. Then I noticed the NHS signs on the door, and decided that it had probably been founded by Victorian herbalists and subsequently turned into a proper hospital while keeping the name for historic reasons.

So I was quite surprised, in the context of a Comment Is Free debate on the merits [cough] of homeopathy, to discover that it actually is a NHS homeopathic hospital. Yup, despite the fact that time and time again, double-blind trials have shown homeopathy has no effect beyond placebo, we’re forking out millions of quid to give people diluted potions. This is silly. Read More

(A guest post by Gus of 1820 fame.)

Amongst the acres of hagiography written about our departing Prime Minister a number of glaring inconsistencies leap out at this reader about the decade of deceit that is drawing to a close. Let’s look at some of the most glaringly obvious of these…

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