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The refusal of British business to accept any responsibility for the state of the economy is something I’ve ranted about before over at my place, but it’s an issue that continues to bug me.

The British business community complains, pretty much constantly, that the tax-and-regulation-happy policies instituted during nine years of Labour government are risking our national competitiveness. That jobs, capital and rich people alike are going to start flooding out of the country in a nigh apocalyptic panic because Gordon Brown wants to spend more money on spurious stuff like schools and hospitals. That if the government doesn’t buck its ideas up sharpish, it won’t be long before the population of Bradford will be working in call centres and attending training sessions involving Bollywood movies, while the population of Mumbai and Bangalore panic about outsourcing. Read More

Courtesy of today’s Metro freebie (published by the same lot as are responsible for the fervently anti-EU Daily Mail):

“Traditional loaves of bread could soon be replaced by packs containing just four slices under a new EU ruling”

It’s a disgrace! How dare these Brussels bureaucrats take away our sliced whites! How dare they presume to allow us to buy only enough bread for a couple of rounds of sandwiches!

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The more I think about the John Reid story yesterday, the more angry I get. Yesterday, John Reid address an audience of specially-invited Muslims in Leytonstone. I wasn’t happy with this yesterday. After all, Charles Clarke had problems with Rachel North’s dad – though as the latter is an honorary Canon, which makes him a) what New Labour would call “a community leader” and b) very unlikely to be a murderous extremist. He was also c) a constituent, which made Clarke’s attempts to ignore unforgivable.

Now Reid had this to say:

Mr Reid was at the meeting to ask parents to search for signs that their children are being recruited by fanatics who will brainwash them and convince them to serve as suicide bombers.
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