Monthly Archives: November 2007

If you name a teddy bear Mohammed in Sudan, you face barbaric and draconian punishment. But if you avoid going to Sudan in the first place, which is a good idea, then you are at no risk of such lunacy.

America is different. Its laws are just as mad (under a system where your sentence is discounted by 90% for a guilty plea compared to a conviction, a fair trial is simply impossible), but you can’t escape them by not going there.

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A long time ago on a blog far away, I posted a graph showing the oil price in euros. The resulting trace looked rather different from the conventional US$ measure.

With that blog dead, several years passed, and another round of ‘oooh, isn’t oil expensive’ fussing currently taking place, I thought it might be a good idea to update and repost…

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…and you live in London, then you should be aware that the Metropolitan Police Authority is meeting this Thursday, November 22, to decide whether or not to sack Ian Blair.

While some MPA members are strongly Labourite, others are not – and they’re the crucial ‘swing voters’ who’ll decide whether the Commander stays or goes. So – politely and gently – they need a little bit of lobbying to ensure their vote goes the right way.

Alex has more details.