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Walter Bagehot, The English Constitution (1867), Ch.VI – ‘Its Supposed Checks and Balances':

“When the leading sect… in Parliament is doing what the nation do not like, an instant appeal ought to be registered and Parliament ought to be dissolved. But a zealot of a Premier will not appeal; he will follow his formulae; he will believe he is doing good service when, perhaps, he is but pushing to unpopular consequences the narrow maxims of an inchoate theory. Read More

Yes, I know there haven’t been many posts here recently – things will hopefully change soon, if we ever get around to implementing some of the changes that have been loosely in the planning stages for months. Anyway, The Sharpener is up for various awards in A Fistful of Euros‘ 2nd European Weblog Awards, along with a bunch of other good blogs from around the continent. Have a gander, and vote as you see fit. If you want to, of course…

I don’t often write about the NHS. I don’t ever complain about it: my local GP and hospital are both excellent (and have been, unfortunately, well-used by my family). I figure if they can get it right here, in one of Britain’s poorest boroughs, it can be done anywhere. The NHS surgeon that saved my daughter’s life, in Georgeous‘s constituency next door, is no more salubriously sited.

But the best blog post I’ve read all year has given me a nudge. Read More