A new verb: to usmanov

I’ve just invented a new word:

usmanov /’us mÉ™ nÉ’v/ verb to unsuccessfully attempt to stifle undesired content on the Internet by taking legal action against websites where the content appears, with the result that the undesired content becomes more widespread and better known. [named after Alisher Usmanov, a Russian/Uzbek billionaire who did this regarding allegations made against him by Craig Murray. First use 2007.]

Here’s an example of usage:

Left Behind Games, a company making religiously-themed computer games, were annoyed by the negative reviews that their games were getting, so they usmanoved some bloggers. As a result, the negative coverage of their games got more publicity.

(via Techdirt; also published on Amused Cynicism)

  1. Jonn said:

    The example of usage given above is surely tautological.