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The trial of those accused, and now convicted, of the racially-motivated murder of Kriss Donald in Glasgow revealed details of such sickening brutality that I’m reluctant to discuss it in any detail.  Suffice to say that such exceptionally bestial crimes by their very nature do not reveal a ‘pattern’ of anything, no matter how much racists might wish otherwise.

But I’m led to comment because I’m not happy about some of the responses to this appalling case. Read More

David Aaronovitch takes the BBC’s John Humphreys to task for asking John Prescott to respond to questions based on internet rumours regarding his sex life. This is objectionable, he argues, because they are unsubstantiated and in any event irrelevant.   

It’s the standard liberal position he takes and the reasoning behind it is one I largely accept. How can we expect a politician who betrays his wife to be faithful to his vocation as a minister and as an MP? Not sure exactly – we just can. Human beings compartmentalize and one area where they do this probably more than in any other is in their sex lives. Martin Luther King committed adultery; Hitler didn’t – does anyone need any more historical examples over these?

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Nick Cohen has another piece championing the cause of grammar schools. The argument is cogent enough. Presently our ‘comprehensive’ education practices selection on the basis of wealth, either through fees or house-prices. A return to the grammar school system would allow those from poorer backgrounds who are presently excluded under this present arrangement to gain access to the best education available rather than being confined to the ‘bog-standard’ comprehensive. Read More