1. 13: Statement plus disagreement does not equal explosion.

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  2. Clarice said:

    14. The OpenDemocracy post referred to = Statement + Disagreement.
    It simply doesn’t, because you’re missing out something crucial, Nigel: it actually explains why each thing is disagreed with.
    Disagreement + convincing justification does equal explosion.

  3. Robert said:

    I think you miss the point, Clarice. Nigel is not making a meta point about the OpenDemocracy post. He is literally saying that if two people disagree, there need not be a war or a bombing to resolve the issue.

  4. gabor said:

    Or a “split” in a political party (if two people disagree, or just express differing views). But then life would be a lot less fun for media, opposing parties etc.