New Blood Roundup, part the second

Back in November, our man Justin had an idea to find new British blogs that we might have missed. Although m’colleague Tim Worstall’s Britblog Roundups bring us a weekly dose of the best individual posts, we wanted to find the best new blogs as well. It is, after all, so very easy to stick to the same old favourites once you’ve been reading blogs for a while. (This was the result.)
So anyway, I reckon it’s about time for another new blog roundup, both to give some exposure to the up and coming tykes of the interweb and to inject a bit of originality and energy into British blogland. If you’ve found or run a British (in the broadest sense of the term) blog that has started in 2006 (give or take) and that you reckon more people should know about, bunk me an email to nosemonkey (at), with a subject heading of “New Blood Roundup” and a bit of a description and, in about a month, I’ll whack the results up here for all to peruse.

Last time we restricted this to political blogs, what with us Sharpener types all being political and that. This time, anything goes. Preferably, however, make it good, interesting or entertaining – ideally all three. I know I need to update my regular reads list, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Ta, etc. – and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

  1. MatGB said:

    Blimey, Sunny’s right. Seems like I’ve been reading her blog for ages, apparently not.

    Y’know, was going to prod Justin about doing this again last week, then forgot. Cool.

    So, I’ve found many new blogs in the last 6 months, and blogrolled a lot of them. Thing is, I don’t know which are new. Still, worth a trawl through.

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  3. I think Erica over at the new site LittleMummy.Com deserves a big mention, she’s only had her own blog for about two months, but is carving out a solid niche in the world of mummy bloggers –

    (Disclosure, I helped Erica build her site in WordPress)

  4. Erm… Yes, dear…

    *backs away slowly, trying to avoid eye contact*

  5. bbm said:

    He’s not new as I’ve been reading him for over a year, but I think the deek deekster is funky.

    He’s always thoughtful and well-written, topical and interesting.

  6. I say, chaps, that’s dashed unfair.
    Last year I didn’t get in because The Trouser Quandary Resolution is not a political blog, this year I don’t get in because I began it back in 2005.

    I beleive this may very well infringe my human rights. So, does anyone know Cherie Blair’s phone number?

  7. Colm said:

    Do Irish blogs get a look in here? Okay, maybe not. But I do live in London!

  8. At the risk of showing a truly callous disregard for centuries of English oppression, yep – Irish blogs can count for this as well. British Isles, at least…

  9. Jonn said:

    If I were to say “Comment is Free”, I’d get lynched, wouldn’t I?

  10. Sunny said:

    Jonn, I think you would :)

  11. Not all of our 66 additions since April are exactly new, but almost all have appeared since Justin’s last roundup.

  12. Please can we put Banditry in? I’ hoping it’ll embarrass him into posting something.

  13. Larry – dunno – it’s a bit of a stretch to describe the boy Band as “good, interesting or entertaining”, surely?

    B4L – I’m sure you’ll have some good ‘uns among the 66, but I very much doubt that all are. Any chance of a selection of the finest?

  14. Is it ok to shamelessly plug my blog? It’s brand spanking new!

    Best wishes.