Quaking under the jackboot of political correctness. Or not

Terror stalks Britain. Terror stalks much of the Western world. According to journalist Anthony Browne, whose pamphlet ‘The Retreat of Reason‘ has been making considerable waves over the past couple of weeks, this terror is political correctness. A scourge of modern life that has poisoned public debate. Worse, since 1997 Britain has been run ‘by a government largely controlled by politically-correct ideology’. Scary. What does this ideology entail? Well:

people who transgress politically correct beliefs are seen not just as wrong, to be debated with, but evil, to be condemned, silenced and spurned.

Let’s put Browne’s frightening vision to the test. Here as some of the tenets of political correctness, as posited by Browne:

America, as the world’s most powerful country, can never do any good, even though it is the world’s most powerful liberal democracy, the largest donor of overseas aid, and it defeated both Nazism and Communism.

Golly. So, what happens to people who don’t share this view? They are indeed horribly marginalised in modern Britain. Deprived of any real power, they must content themselves with such menial posts as Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Defence, Leader of the Opposition. Prevented by the PC commissars from taking any meaningful part in public life, they are reduced to taking such decisions as sending British troops to war alongside our American allies and their miserable social lives include such low-key events as hosting international leaders and being lauded by the US president for their contribution to the Anglo-American alliance. The iron fist of the PC dictatorship is strong indeed.

What other views are compulsory under the new terror?

The West, as the world’s most powerful cultural and economic group, can safely be blamed for all the world’s ills, even though it is largely responsible for the worldwide spread of prosperity, democracy and scientific advance.

And the people who don’t agree with this? The Frederick Forsyths, the Melanie Phillipses, the Boris Johnsons? These poor benighted souls are reduced to publishing bestselling novels and hiding their despised views in weekly columns in mass-circulation newspapers, where no-one apart from the entire population can read them. Horrible it must be to be so excluded from public debate.

But it gets worse. Not just politics are affected.

Multinational corporations are condemned as the oppressors of the world’s poor, rather than seen as engines of global economic growth with vast job-creating investments in the world’s poorest countries, pushing up wages and transferring knowledge.

Again, misery awaits those who disagree with this fundamental PC truth. They can aspire to little more than being some of the most affluent and powerful people in the country, in charge of the economy, pushing global trade to levels unseen before in human history and making Britain and the rest of the West rich beyond any precedent. Pity them, pity them indeed.

Browne’s view is chilling in the extreme. If only it were true.

  1. “””people who transgress politically correct beliefs are seen [as] evil, to be condemned, silenced and spurned”””

    Yes, that’s true. For example when I posted my rebuttal of political correctness I was instantly slamming in prison and my website banned. Not.

    Political correctness is silly. And exagerating its importance is sillier.

  2. Yup, because our future masters, Zac Goldsmith and “Mad” Bob Geldof really don’t believe that business is the root of all evil, and the students that I talk to every day really don’t think that Kyoto is the best thing since sliced bread.

    The biggest evil facing the world today is the wilful ignorance of those who should know better (in every sense of that phrase).


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  5. DK, whether they do or not is hardly the issue. I thought that the main complaint against PC is that it ‘allows’ only one point of view. Whatever point of view Goldsmith, Geldof and your students hold, it is plainly at odds with the point of view of those who hold power, and you are not prevented from disagreeing and arguing so.

    Are you complaining that your ‘right’ position is a minority position?

    Are you arguing for political correctness, only of a new colour?

  6. Browne and Phillips find that their vile opinions on many subjects put them in the minority. Good. They however dislike this fact, and conclude that the only possible reason is that the rest of the population have been brainwashed by some totalitarian ideology which seeks to suppress all dissent. They then present a grotesque and insulting caricature of an amalgam of opinions with which they disagree, and declare this to be the monstrous enemy which is conquering the civilised world, and which they alone dare to stand and fight.

    If they believe it, then they’re stupid and paranoid beyond belief. If they don’t then they’re lying scumbags. Either way their arrogance and hypocrisy is awe-inspiring.

    (But perhaps I should add, I’d always defend their right to say such things, however much they may make me puke.)

  7. dsquared said:

    our future masters, Zac Goldsmith and “Mad” Bob Geldof

    Oh my god we’re being repressed by politically correct masters FROM THE FUTURE!!! Where’s Christopher Eccleston when you need him?

    Also, I am having a hard time understanding why the fact that your students support the Kyoto treaty is evidence that we live under fascism.

  8. jamal said:

    political correctness is out of control at the moment. Even gays have more rights then straight people these days!

  9. You know, I thought Jamal was joking. And then I went to his blog. It might be a BIG joke…

  10. N.I.B. said:

    It begs the question though: Do the likes of Browne and Phillips think it’s okay for Muslims to be un-PC?

  11. archduke said:

    “Even gays have more rights then straight people these days!”

    huh? all i can see is that gays just want the same rights as anyone else – no more no less.

  12. Never mind the UK, what about developing Countries that are effectivly being run by the uber libral NGO tossers that roll around in our taxes ?

    Lord Playboy of Cambodia


  13. karrde said:

    Can I ask you opinion about the two cases highlighted here?

  14. Erika said:

    Whining about political correctness is so 90s. Browne needs to get with the program.