Dig the new breed

As promised, here’s a roundup of some of the blogs that have appeared in the last few months. And a fair crop it is too. The list represents all the blogs submitted and there is no political bias from me.

To be fair I’ve ranked them in alphabetical order and no qualititive judgements should be inferred – make your own mind up.

Without further ado…

The Apollo Project missed the August 1 cutoff by two days which was close enough. It’s a Liberal Democrat group blog.

Atlantic Rift is a transatlantic blog run by Jonn in London and Aaron in New York. Jonn assures me “we started in late June, but we didn’t
have any actual readers until we started half-assedly publicising it
in at least August”. Oh, go on then.

Bratiaith is “a Bilingual blog about matters Welsh and international”.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

Cicero’s Songs describes himself as “a social and economic liberal”.
(Nominated by Ken Owen.)

Drinking From Home, at four days old, is the youngest blog on the list and is currently tracking down “those politically correct poltroons whose craven deference to Islamic fundamentalism hastens the erosion of our island’s traditions and rights”.

East Acton is the blog of Philip Portwood, a Labour Councillor for East Acton ward in the London Borough of Ealing.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

Eastcliff Matters is the blog of David Green, Thanet District Councillor for Eastcliff in Ramsgate and Labour Party member.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

ebeefs comes from Lahai J Samboma, a Sierra Leonean journalist currently living in the UK, with “a progressive, leftist perspective”.
(Nominated by Tim Worstall.)

Gavpolitics is a Conservative blogger and prospective candidate in the May 2006 council elections. He’s in my neck of the woods as well.

GenghisBlog storms across the plains to bring us his own brand of right wing vituperation.

The G-Gnome Rides Out catalogues “the Right Wing Rants and Ramblings Of A Jesuitical Sophist”.
(Nominated by Laban Tall in The Sharpener comments.)

Great Britain, Not Little England might be familiar to some as MatGB has been mingling as all good bloggers should. Him and PaulJ are “reclaiming the British ideals from the small minded nanny staters”.
(Nominated by Me.)

Huggy’s Mind is the home of “generally moderate left wing ramblings”.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

Jawbox is the nom de plume of Ben Phillips, athiest, socialist and Chelsea supporter.
(Nominated by Nosemonkey.)

John West is a journalist and Labour member living in Paris.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

Lee Gregory is a pro-Labour blogger holding forth on policy and politics.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

Mr Eugenides expounds on an impressive array of subjects.

Musings Of A Disheartened Doctor does what it says on the tin. I hope his iPod gets better soon.
(Nominated by Nosemonkey.)

Nip/Fuct : Tales from the NHS is the everyday story of “a greedy doctor looking for job satifaction AND life satisfaction”. There’s politics in there too.
(Nominated by Nosemonkey.)

Optimates is brought to us by Daniel Lucraft, Cameroonian (Cameronite?) “libertarian conservative”.

Pickled Politics is a group blog aiming to “reflect the political voice of young, progressive British Asians”.
(Nominated by Jarndyce.)

Pigdogfucker is “glorifying terrorists, tolerating intolerance, and making excuses for the inexcusable”.

Points of Jew is a Jewish group blog that intriguingly offers “2 Jews, 3 opinions and much more”.
(Nominated by Robert Sharp.)

Politics for beginners is ChickenLittle’s “political diary of a political newbie”.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

Frank O’Dwyer is Rearranging the Deckchairs while expounding on politics and moral philosophy.

Robert Sharp gets an entry for his own drum – politics, ethics and some slices of life thrown in.

Thesisville! is your genuine “leftie post-structuralist marxist” (it says here) going slowly insane on the final year of a PHD thesis. And has just announced a blogging hiatus, dammit.
(Nominated by Jarndyce.)

Tory Convert bills herself as “Young, Female and Tory” and so is that rarest of creatures the female political blogger.
(Nominated by Ken Owen.)

Tim Neale’s Tea4Two was created in the aftermath of the July 7 bombings and now has an emphasis on civil liberties.

To The Point belongs to Decent Left blogger Andres Kupfer.
(Nominated by Andrew at Bloggers4Labour)

World Weary Detective gives us his views as Metropolitian Police detective. AKA “A view of life from the thin layer between you and the underclass”.

And that’s your lot. A big girlie kiss to all those who sent their blogs or made nominations.

Go forth and refresheth thy blogroll.

  1. Thanks very much for the link – and cheers to Jarndyce too. I’m only on a short break while I try and sort out post PhD employment. The madness is only certain to grow…

  2. Gareth said:

    Good stuff Justin, thanks for compiling that.

    Is it going to be a regular feature on the Sharpener? If so then you should consider assigning it its very own category – as Mr Worstall has done for Britblog – so that people can permanently link to it.

  3. Bertie said:

    Well that’s just fine. Never get nominated for anyting, never win anyting. I;m just going to sit in this dark corner and sing to myself.

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  5. Sunny said:

    Thanks amigos, plug much appreciated.

  6. Has woo hoo been said?

    Anyway, while I’m here, we’ve (three of the above) launched a new blog about Cameron, here