The Future of Democracy

For a little light, late-afternoon time-wasting, why not visit CitizenSpace?

Here’s their welcome note:

“Welcome to our consultation on the Future of Democracy. This consultation is being run on behalf of the POWER Inquiry Commission, and has been set up to explore practical ideas of how political participation could be increased and deepened in Britain. Input into the POWER Inquiry will be part of a process that will change British democracy for the better.

Issues covered in this consultation include:
– the role of the media in political involvement
– the idea of devolving power, and making democracy more “localised”
– the role of political parties and party activism
– ideas of creating a more participative democracy

This consultation is made up of 7 questions, all of which are optional, and to get the most out of it we suggest you donate at least 10 minutes of your time.”

It’s not just a survey, they ask you to enter your well-considered opinion (or hastily contrived opinion, whatever floats your boat, we ARE bloggers after all…) and may Change The Way We Do Government.

It says it closed a couple of weeks ago, but it’s still up and running and the organisers are still encouraging people to take part.

Go stick it to the Man.

  1. Blimpish said:

    Is there a word missing in that last line, or are you recommending adhesives as a dating strategy?

  2. Duly noted and corrected.

    You saw dating in my parapraxis, I see caning… It’s like a rorschach blot.

  3. Actually, the POWER inquiry have put out some interesting stuff, my favourite being this piece from the active citizenship centre. The case study on the British Columbia Citizen’s Assembly is particularly cool, as is the stuff on Espoo.

  4. Blimpish said:

    Yeah… must be in a good mood!

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  6. The British Columbia Citizen’s Assembly seems a very sensible idea.

  7. ben said:

    It’s a shame that the Citizen Space survey is such a self-serving excuse for self justification. The whole survey is – broadly – “we need other ways of communicating with government – don’t we – just like this “

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