Open-mic ranting at The Sharpener

I’m in a public service frame of mind this week, so here’s another one: starting soon on The Sharpener will be a regular open-mic guest slot. We might call it The Rant. Or we might not. (There is only one Ranter, after all. ) If I get organized properly, we may even pick a regular day of the week to run it.

These are the rules:

1. Open to anyone, blogger, commenter, whatever. Even journalists.
2. 300 words maximum.
3. Any subject at all, as long as you have an opinion. Not that there’s a shortage of those here usually… We won’t censor it, beyond the usual caveats.
4. Links or quotes are fine, as long as they’re just to illustrate your point, not to make it for you.

We’re happy for (nay, expect) you to use the slot to publicize your own blog, cause or hobby-horse (with a prominent link). Feel free to piggy-back on our (variable) traffic: just make your Rant a good one. Alternatively, if you just want your say, and some lively debate in the comment box afterwards, that’s fine too. If you’re a member of the Royal family, Peter Andre or MI6, we’ll even do Anonymous Rants.

Volunteers to kick it off? Email me, fairvote AT gmail DOT com, or leave a comment in the box below with an email address and I’ll mail you.

  1. The Moai said:

    I am very happy to provide a rant. I have several in mind at moment – the Israeli academic boycott, forced marriage, ID cards, locking up pensioners who don’t pay their council tax etc. I am not sure that I can summon up a ChickYog-sized spleen ventilation but if I think about Charles Clarke for long enough I can get up a fair head of steam. Take a look at the blog for more. I use this nom de plume to maintain anonymity, I hope that is OK.

  2. dearieme said:

    Samplerant: I hate multiculturalism because, if taken literally, it would mean I would have to listen to effing English Folk Music.

  3. Stuart said:

    We don’t normally do rants. We do serious in-depth analysis and ruthless critique. (Uh hum). But we’d make an exception for The Sharpener. How about a rant on the pitiful state of the “debate” between the pro-war “left” and the “anti-war” left? (I’m running out of scare quotes…)

  4. As a prolific author of medium-to-hot rants, and polemics to order, I would appreciate the platform afforded to publicise my work on a larger scale than normal!

    Politics, China, Northern Ireland; you name it, I will comment or even shout about it!


    Mike C.

  5. I’ve well and truly had it with the endless, perpetual use and incidence of tautology in advertisements and commercials. My missive (in letter form) to the authorities at the ASA reached no resolution or conclusion. This needs, nay demands a rant or angry tirade.
    Trousers (L).

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