Monthly Archives: December 2006

If you’re in the UK, you’ve doubtless been forwarded an email coupon to receive 40% off wine and champagne at the country’s largest off-license chain, Threshers.

If you’re like most of this site’s contributors, you’ve doubtless headed straight down to the nearest offy, loaded up on all the plonk you can carry, and are currently trying to read this article with one eye open and severely impaired comprehension.

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There’s a crude and simple way to distinguish, should you care to, your right from your left. Waistlines.

I’ve been reading Paul’s polemic, which states that Left-wingers are fatter than Right-wingers. It occurs to me that Father Christmas is a well-known fat bastard, famous for (among other things) scoffing mince-pies and slurping sherry that is not his own, at fire-places up and down this land. He would definitely be a ‘Lefty’ by Paul’s criteria.

This hypothesis is certainly backed up by other facts too. He wears red tunic, long time favourite colour of the revolutionary left. And of course he is interested in the systemised redistribution of presents, in apparent disregard of market forces.
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