Monthly Archives: October 2006

In the tradition of the New Shorter Sharpener – snappy posts for a busy world – here is everything I want to say about the issue of labour mobility from Bulgaria and Romania in one equation.

Illiberal Home Secretary Pandering to Rabid Anti-Immigration Tabloid Gallery and Demonstrating Penchant to create New Criminal Offences + Romanian and Bulgarian Citizens who will be EU Citizens with formal right of entry and residence to the UK as of 1 January 2007 = Massive Increase in Black Economy + More People Sleeping Rough + Reduction in the Tax Take from Migrant Workforce for UK Treasury + Lots of People Thinking That It Is All The Fault of the Romanians and Bulgarians after all.


Matthew Parris’ gloating over the failure of neo-con policy in Iraq prompts some soul searching from Clive:

It wasn’t just the Bush team that made mistakes, of course. Didn’t we all underestimate the challenge?

Well, no. “We all” did not. Some of us saw precisely the size of the challenge. Some of us had no confidence in the motives, the leadership, or the ability of President Bush to meet that challenge. We foresaw a mess, and put our hands up and asked whether it was all such a good idea. To us, it seemed obvious. But we were called “appeasers” for our troubles.

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